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Incorporating Songs To Lessons

Songs can be a great tool in teaching English as Second Language or ESL programs to students. This is to help them be exposed to different voices and it gives them the chance to learn from others apart from their teacher.

There are certain scenarios in which students become too familiar with how his or her instructor sounds and thus develop difficulties in understanding other people. Using songs to teach can be challenging for students since the words are spoken are relatively faster than the instructor’s. Even so, they are enjoyable because they can reinforce and improve the listening ability of the students quite well.

There are several ways in incorporating songs in the lesson and here are tips to do that:

First is to use them to practice grammar points. ESL students are often only familiar with the past, present and future tenses so exposing them in present perfect tenses via songs like “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” by U2 or ‘We are the Champions” by Queen may be appropriate.

It’s recommended that a worksheet will be used and students can fill in certain words. Even if they are unlikely to grasp the meaning of the whole song, giving them a brief translation would possibly guide them in filling up the missing words in the activity.

Another great way to practice their knowledge on the parts of speech is through mad libs. Let them hear a song and give them a separate worksheet to answer. Simply erase some words and replace them with blanks. Underneath those blanks, place in a category like noun, verb, adjective, or adverb. Do this again one more time and this time using words they did not lift from the song to further test their skills.

Lastly, for more advanced students, usually discussing the meaning of songs could help. Exposing them in several genres like country music and making them listen to some Blake Shelton, Taylor Swift, or probably those Justin Moore new songs can be done. Students could probably make an interpretation and asking questions such as “Is it a happy song” and following up with a “Why or Why not?” would further reinforce their comprehension abilities.

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How to Motivate Your Kid to Learn

There are times when smart kids don’t even bother to leaf through a book or listen to the teacher. These times often lead to an “F” in a lot of subjects, a headache to most parents. But you can do little things to motivate your child to learn.

Notice how I didn’t use the word study? Because the thinking set on studying often boxes learning inside the classroom and only in books. Real learning should take place whether in or out of the school, with or without books. Here are some ways to cultivate a learning attitude to your kid:

Introduce Reading Early

I know that I said learning should occur with or without books, but books are still the primary learning tool for every kid. Encourage them to read at least one page of a book every day. Provide them with informative and motivational books that interest them.

Ask Their Thoughts

It is good to ask your kid what they thought about the book they just read or a TV show they just watched. You should encourage the child to think and analyze for themselves so that they can figure things out on their own and so they feel empowered and valued.

Support Their Interests

The common mistake of a lot of parents is they kill their kids’ enthusiasm for other things aside from school because of the notion that school work should always come first. This is wrong in so many levels. First, kids are gifted with different kinds of intelligence. One kid may be good at math; the other may be genius in music and other arts. As a parent you should motivate them to improve on these skills while maintaining a balance with school.

Use a Reward System

You can occasionally offer them treats if they finish a task or do good at school. Rewards like foods or free tickets to Blake Shelton Miranda Lambert tour are good rewards. Just use this trick wisely; we don’t want the kids to be motivated solely because of rewards.

Ask Him About What He’s Learning

When your kid comes home from school ask him about the stuff he learned at school, what he thinks about them, and what he does and doesn’t like. Avoid asking about test scores; this will unnecessarily pressure your child, hence taking the fun away.

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Cool Rewards You Can Use in Teaching Teens

Positive reinforcement in inducing behaviors and learning upon students is widely used among educators worldwide. Some do it by praising the students, giving them good grades, or by giving them tangible rewards. It is an established strategy that is effective to boost students’ performance and involvement in academic and extracurricular activities.

The popular culture among teens is an important factor to consider if educators are to come up with highly effective rewards. Considering the hobbies and general preferences of teens, here are some rewards you can use in your reinforcement strategy:


Foods are an all-time effective reward. Kids can never say no to a piece of candy, chocolate, or a slice of pizza. Be very careful about the nutritional content of the food, though. Give them healthy foods like fruits and veggies. Sweets are also good once in a while.

Concert Tickets

Teens love music and announcing the chance to get free concert tickets upon completion of a task or participating in an activity is a sure way to get your class motivated. It will make your most sleepy ones wide awake in an instant. Also gauge what genre your class generally cares for. If majority likes Taylor Swift, then give them tickets to her concert. If they like rock music, reward them with free Imagine Dragons Dallas tickets. If you think tickets are too much for a reward, try artist merchandise like shirts or mugs. They’ll love it.


You can also come up with a list of privileges that your students can avail if they do what you tell them to. You can include stuff like additional hour of access to free Internet (if your school doesn’t have free WiFi), one free meal at the canteen, exemption to an exam or quiz, lending of a great book, among others. As preferences for rewards differ among individual students, make an exhaustive list so your students have lots of options.

Gift Check

You can also give them gift checks to favorite hangouts like Starbucks or a pizza parlor. Nothing too fancy, though, so it’s not too much for you. Just make sure that it’s something your teen students actually like.

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Getting a Scholarship for College Education

There is no doubt that funding college education is expensive. Other than the increasing tuition fees, there are also a lot of other expenses to be incurred in getting a degree. This is the reason why a lot of students stop after getting a high school diploma and work somewhere else. Though one can find a decent job by simply having a high school diploma, it still feels different having a college degree. If you are really interested in getting one but you know you can’t afford it, you need to look for scholarships. Even if educational loans are viable options, it would be great if everything will just be paid for you.

  • Look at available local and national scholarships. There are a lot of private companies and even philanthropists offering scholarships to deserving students. Just take note all scholarships in which you are qualified and then make some calls. Ask about the details and how you can possibly earn it.
  • Prepare for scholarship examinations. Most scholarships are given to students with good academic potentials. Therefore, you have to prove your worth by earning a high score during the test. Focus on Math, Science and Language as they are mostly covered during the test.
  • Make sure that your scholarship covers all the costs including allowances if possible. If one scholarship offer is better than the other, grab the one with more benefits. If you are allowed to get more than one scholarship, go for it. As long as there are no conflicts in the terms of agreement, this will work.
  • If there are return services required of you after finishing college, make sure you can fulfill them. Otherwise, you will be in big trouble. If you can’t do the required return service, then look for another scholarship.

Just be patient in searching for scholarship offers. Your future lies on this opportunity, so make the most out of it. In the meantime, you can watch Daniel Tosh Tour 2015 Texas so you can relax before stressing out.

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Balancing The Account

Understanding Financial Intelligence

Schools administer all types of tests that measure students’ intelligence and capabilities to do different tasks, such as controlling air traffic or flying a fighter jet. It’s amazing, however, that there are hardly any tests that focus on a child’s ability to handle the seemingly simple subject called money.

Financial intelligence is, in fact, one of the most important kinds of intelligence that must be cultivated in kids. Unfortunately, it is rarely, if at all, given attention. Many have grown to be unhappy adults enslaved by debts, and desperately living off of paychecks. Indeed, it seems that the world has become a prisoner of debt and financial incompetence.

It is time to correct this situation and start raising kids who are financially intelligent. Of course, we, adults, have to master the subject ourselves because after all, these kids can only learn from us.

What Is Financial Intelligence?

Financial intelligence is intelligence that allows you to perform financial transactions to your maximum benefit. It mainly involves balancing two pairs of financial realities – income and expenses, and assets and liabilities.  Assets are anything that drive money into your pocket, and liabilities are those that drive money out.

Another crucial element of financial intelligence deals with cash flow. To really appreciate its importance, it’s good to start with an understanding of its three types:  cash flow that involves income going straight into basic expenses such as food, clothing, shelter and the like; cash flow where income is spent on basic expenses, plus on liabilities such as cars, gadgets, vacations, etc. ; and finally, cash flow where income is generated from a business instead of a job,  and spent on acquiring assets that produce even more income, such as bonds, stocks and the rest.

The Reality

It’s sad that people today can solve complicated calculus problems but can’t even make sense of a financial statement. Yes, this is true, and statistics have proven what great number there is of people who are unable to clear themselves of debt. The fact that illiteracy in this subject is so rampant today appears to be the main reason that many are crippled by financial bondage. Apparently, as we continue not to pay attention to the importance of money management, we are leading ourselves to the very gates of financial hell. If we want to live a life where we are not crippled by debts, there is no other way but to start from scratch if we have to, en route to true financial independence.

The Importance of Financial Literacy

So indeed, why is financial intelligence so important? Obviously, the whole world has sunk into the abyss of its own debt. But that’s not even the end of it. Financial intelligence is important if you want to live a life where you never have to find yourself constantly at the mercy of your creditors, a life that you can enjoy because that’s how it’s supposed to be lived.

Improving your financial intelligence means getting a good grasp of how money really works – how to spend wisely, plan your finances, invest, build your wealth and so on. It may sound very complicated, and acquiring financial intelligence is probably a complicated subject, but you’re not supposed to learn it overnight. It is a process.

In fact, it is a process that you will learn from day to day.  What’s important right now is that you make that decision to make that change, a change that can make a whole lot of difference in many aspects of your life, and probably of your loved ones.

How to Increase Your Financial IQ

As an adult, you can only wish that you’d learned about financial intelligence back in school. But, of course, it’s never too late. You can start by reading books and other educational materials such as magazines and blogs related to the subject. Seminars are also a great way to meet people who have the same goals as you have. Indeed, this is a great way to motivate you and even make new friends and learn from each other.

Perhaps you can even find a mentor. After all, there is nothing quite like learning it from a person who is a living testament of what financial intelligence can do. A mentor can be a relative or friend who is willing to guide you with each step you make, ensuring that you do not repeat the same errors he had before.  In any case, when you find yourself one, make sure you give justice to all the effort and time he spends with you.

Training the Children

As you learn this whole thing about spending right and living a debt-free life, you’d like your children to do the same.  This may not be too easy at first for both you and them, but eventually, everything will become routine.

For instance, look for ways that you can discuss money transactions with the kids. When you visit the bank, take them with you and explain why banks are important. Talk about their functions and the reasons you chose that particular bank. Get the children involved in budgeting. Let them suggest what meals to have next week, and introduce to them the concept of costing. Let them help you manage routine expenses with little tasks, like highlighting, with the use of a pen marker, important details on your bills such as due date, amount due and account number.  This exercise will help them develop a sense of awareness of routine financial obligations, and why they need to be settled on time.

Financial education is one of the most essential subjects that all of us, adults and kids, must learn. Yet it seems like educators are still not convinced. There are many finance-related courses in college, but the very fundamentals of money and how it figures in real life have ironically been left out.

Getting money smart has only even gotten more necessary today, with the world economy going down on most fronts. Then again, we have to remember that getting financially educated is not solely the job of schools.  As adults, we also have the obligation to educate ourselves and our young ones.

 Raise Well-Rounded Individuals: Teach Them Music  

It has been said that music is a universal language that does not discriminate based on race, creed, or economic status. Given how crazy the world has become and how much hatred is going around, even in social media, people need to be taught how to break down barriers in order to achieve peace.

Sadly, the older generation is already set in their ways. They are in fact, the ones who are perpetuating hatred against their fellow men. Religion is being used as an excuse to wage wars and violence is all around. In the school setting, children are being bullied and discriminated against for being different. A child who is overweight or one of a certain nationality is being hated in person and via social media. This creates undue pressure at a time when children are already sensitive and vulnerable. News of suicide among young people is usually associated to bullying or not being accepted by their friends and peers.

What Schools Can Do

Schools can make use of art and music to bridge the gap between students. These two activities level the playing field (unlike sports which are just for those who excel) and include students who are less than stellar at what they do. Art and music allow these kids to express themselves as well, and becomes an avenue for them to pour out their emotions instead of just keeping everything in.

For example, a student who is depressed or being bullied can find solace in playing a musical instrument, such as a guitar or the piano. If the student finds this activity enjoyable, he or she can start doing it at home as well. The music program is offered free in most schools while guitars Adelaide are priced affordably at some sites. Learning to play a musical instrument will be a good way to spend time rather than just hanging out on social media. If the kids are not part of the “in” crowd, they will only be sad and depressed seeing that they are excluded from parties and other activities.

Allow Them to Compete

Chorales, bands, glee clubs and other groups that encourage music or song and dance often go beyond the confines of their own schools. Most of the time, students train and compete in various contests. First with neighboring schools, and then the circle becomes wider when they have to compete with other schools in the city, district, regional and national levels. Competitions not only develop sportsmanship among kids, but also boosts their confidence and drive to excel. Even shy and introverted kids can become great performers if they receive the right encouragement and prodding from their teachers.

Larger competitions teach kids to be humble in victory and how to be good sports when they lose. This is a lesson that adults of today can take note of too, considering how many become bullies and unreasonably angry when they don’t get what they want.

Music will teach kids to become well-rounded and emotionally intelligent adults in the future.

How to Maintain your Hot Water System

Hot water system display so many purpose in your very home. This can be use in the kitchen for cooking, bathroom for bathing and even for washing. Some people only appreciate by the time their hot water tank begins to fail or not working well anymore. Some homeowners find the hot water system very complicated but just like any other parts in your home, you will also benefit especially when it is always maintained. As far as maintenance is concerned, choose the best plumber like Sam Dunn for hot water systems Adelaide so that there will be a continuous flow of hot water. Having it maintained will keep your tank from building up pressure thus with less attention.

The efficiency of having your hot water system is just easy and does not require too many steps for it to be well serviced. The benefits that you can gain from is that you are keeping its durability and at the same time longevity of your water tank equipment. There are two things that you need to remember as you are maintaining the function of your hot water tank system. The sacrificial anode—this is one of the features of a hot water system. This basically made of aluminum and it is coated with zinc that is hanging down in your hot water tank. This is designed for it to attract minerals as well as impurities. If you want to replace the anodes, you have to change it like once for every 5 years. If this is done carefully and regularly, there is of course a good chance for it to last longer. The other one is called the pressure and temperature relief valves- this works automatically as it vent hot water if the pressure of the water is high. This also helps in the prevention, splitting and even exploding. If this is not functioning well there is a potential risk of the hot water system to malfunction.

As to maintain your heat water system it is important that you value the following terms such as,

Having it as regular check up- the purpose of this is to make sure that it is still in good shape and to check if your heat water system is functioning very well.

Checking and testing the valves- make sure that the valve is still working under pressure. Checking the hot cylinders from any failures is a good sign, especially if you are doing it every 6 months. If you are to check as well the valves, make sure that as you check it is still in its rightful place.

Prevent any pipe burns- this is most often neglected by homeowners especially those who do not have any idea with regards to maintenance. In every manufacturer they have their own guidelines; thus, this is to remind you that you have to follow what it says. Generally, all pipes are flexible and rubber pipes must be at least replaced every 10 years. The pipes are in connection within the household range such as the washing machines, gas cooktops, dishwasher and other more.

In maintaining your water heat system this will save you from any future expenses that will cost you a fortune to have it all repair and even reinstalled.

The Importance of Continuous Schooling

learnWhen you have already finished your college degree, it is a huge milestone in your life. However, it does not mean that you have to stop learning. In fact, getting a college degree is just a first step in the process. If you want to get a good job or if you want to succeed in putting up a business, it helps a lot for you to continue learning. There are a lot of ways for you to learn more. You can read books, enroll in a postgraduate degree program, go overseas for exchange programs and many more. However, if you are too busy and if you can only spare a few hours a week, then attend seminars.

Aside from enhancing brain activities, continuous learning also helps you to improve your life. For instance, when you have a postgraduate degree, then you can apply for a promotion or look for better paying jobs. You can even explore other career options when you have studied a different field. The best part is that you can gain more money by learning more.

If you go for property investment seminar, you learn a lot about how to make the most out of your money. You easily find ways to not just deposit your money in the bank, but also move it and increase its value in the next few years. You will be taught about the details of property investment and how you can choose the right property to invest your money on.

Using free time wisely

Even if you have a lot of things to do related to your job, you certainly have some free time in your hands. Instead of wasting it on useless activities, it is better if you enroll in a program and learn new things. There are crash courses that you can attend to and the time is actually flexible. Learning online is also possible. In fact, investment seminars can be done online. If you are still not comfortable with it, then look for recorded versions of the lesson so you can learn depending on your available time. You can even enroll in online courses since you can finish the coursework when you have the time to do so.

A better life

You might think that studying later in life is tiring and a waste of time. However, when you start reaping the benefits, you will feel great. Your life will improve drastically. You also know that you are making the most out of your time. If your efforts to learn more translate into better financial status, then you can help improve the situation of your family. Thus, even if you feel like you are old enough to learn, don’t get tired of learning. It does not have to be something difficult. As long as you can make use of it to improve your life, then it is good enough. To top it all, if it makes you happy, then it is worth giving a shot. After all, life itself is a long learning process.

Choosing the Right Bag for School May Affect Academic Performance

bagYou might not necessarily place a huge emphasis on what type of bag your child uses for school. As long as he is happy with it and it is fully functional, then you are fine with it. However, there are a lot more underlying issues that you have to be aware of.

To begin with, kids have a lot of books used at school. If all books are to be brought home for studying at once, then the bag will most likely be full. This makes your child suffer from a heavy bag. If the bag cannot support your child’s bag properly, then it can cause severe back and muscle pain. Your child might no longer be in the mood to study later if he has already suffered from such an injury.

Furthermore, if the bag is too small and it cannot hold all the items needed to be brought home or for school, your child might decide not to bring them. If the said items are important for quizzes or homework, then your child is in a big trouble.

The right bag

Therefore, it is your duty to ensure that your child uses the right bag and he is totally comfortable with it. Check out military duffle bags. This may not be the usual bag used for school, but it actually works. This allows your child to place all the items in one container. It is so easy to use and it can be carried anywhere with ease. It is also very sturdy. Even if you don’t buy a new bag over a long period of studying, it does not really matter.

The best part is that the bag is so unique and appealing. Your child can even be a trendsetter with this type of bag. If you want to know more about a Military duffle bag, then check out these military duffle bags.

In the end, the goal here is to ensure that your child’s academic performance is not affected just because he is not comfortable with the type of bag used at school. You need to secure his safety and comfort in the end.


The Science behind Ice Cream

icecream_nachosIce cream is a well-loved dessert. There are different methods used to make ice cream, and the science behind it explains how it is formed. Commercial ice cream is made of more than 10% milk fat, 9-12% solids and carbohydrates and 12-16% sweeteners, plus .2-.5% stabilizers and emulsifiers. In scientific terms, ice cream is classified a colloid, which is a type of emulsion, since it combines substances that do not normally mix together. Technically, it is also foam because of the presence of air. Formerly, egg yolks were used as emulsifiers, but now manufacturers use other compounds.

An ice cream mix is first needed before making an ice cream. This is readily available from stores if you want to make your own ice cream, or make your own one. Of course, manufactures develop their own mix of ice cream. The mix is pasteurized to kill bacteria and then added with flavor. Homemade ice creams make use only of mixer and bowl, while factories use vats and giant steel paddles. The next step is to freeze and mix it simultaneously using ice cream machine. Small businesses use salt and ice for freezing.

Once the mixture has come out of the ice cream machine, it is not yet done. It has to be frozen and added with chunky ingredients. It has to be reduced to extremely low temperature especially if it is commercially manufactured. The product needs to remain frozen since it will be transported. The process is called hardening.

There are many different methods used to make ice cream. You can even try making a five-minute ice cream by using sugar, milk or cream, vanilla extract, salt, ice and plastic bags. This is a popular experiment for kids and a thrilling way to make an instant ice cream. These days, you need not find difficulty experimenting on ice cream because you can already buy ice cream making machines you can use at home. If you are planning to make more ice cream for your kid’s birthday, you can opt for ice machine rental so you can make them in big batches and make more kids happy.

Education Should Play to What Children Want to Be

Children should be allowed and motivated to be what they want to be. They should be allowed to pursue their interests no matter if these are against established gender lines.

There is concern that the sciences are not attracting women. This is not only true for engineering and computer science, but also for medicine, biology, zoology, mathematics, as well as physics. Young children, especially girls, should be shown what science is all about. They should not be pigeonholed into traditional gender roles for any reason, whatsoever.

In the field of biology and zoology, women have always been pioneers. One of the giants of zoology is Dian Fossey who researched about the African mountain gorillas in their native habitat. In terms of ecology, Rachel Carson wrote the milestone book Silent Spring which opened the eyes of a generation and started the environmentalist movement.

It is sad that when the government, institutions, researchers and demographers take a look at available high paying jobs, these are usually filled with men, and there is a lament that women are not taking up these jobs because these are technical and are traditionally taken by men. What is really sad is that culture is steeped in gender roles that young girls are dissuaded from math, or building blocks, or any other science oriented pursuit, simply because these are almost always adult jobs filled up by men. This catch-22 situation does not even have any leg to stand on when comparing IQ and aptitude on an age-level and grade-level comparison.

Education should not be about fulfilling traditional biases. Education should be about fulfilling promises and dreams, for anyone who cares to follow their own path. If children are pigeonholed into specific boxes where they cannot move and make their own decisions, then society will grow to be lopsided and lose the potential of half the population.

This is a reach. Children instinctively know what they can be when they grow up. It’s like a basketball. You keep practicing your shots and at some point you will get better at it. If you want to be a pro player, you have to take thousands of shots to get even better at it. But if you are not allowed a chance to practice, the aptitude disappears fast, along with the interest to make the shot.

Children who love animals and dream of creating the best dog food for sensitive stomach and skin should be allowed to pursue their passions, no matter how far-fetched it may seem. Check here  to know more about the best way to care for your dogs.